Monday, July 19, 2010

Petit Trianon- a private retreat for a Queen

The Petit Trianon was built originally for Louis XIV's mistress Madame de Pompadour ( an interesting, intelligent patron of the arts and wonderful woman) he gave it to her as a gift.

When Louis VI took the throne he gave it to Marie Antoinette as her private refuge- one had to be invited to visit and she had to do the inviting. The building was redone to suit her tastes and the gardens were redone in the very popular (at the time) English style. Marie Antoinette was very much influenced by the writings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and wanted a more "natural" style. The small wood and papier mache mini theatre where she played shepherdesses and chambermaids survived the Revolution --the perception at the time was it had no value!
You now take a tram ride to reach this area-- this should increase visitors to this pretty house and garden.
When you leave the Petit Trianon you see a path and rolling walkways, a folly, and grotto and finally come upon her farm area-- Le Petit Hameau. More on that soon.

She was criticized for having this private sanctuary and gossips made up many stories about what happen in her private world. This was her escape from all the rigid formality of court life.

Even though it is less formal than Versailles there is still such beauty and attention to detailin the house. Enjoy the little tour of the Petit Trianon a tour of her farm area and gardens to come.

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