Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The back garden of Petit Trianon

Let's leave the Petit Trianon and enjoy the small garden a bit then we will walk over to the Petit Hameau.

The roses were almost finished in June when we walked the garden and the paths to the farm.
You can see the Belvedere in the distance beyond the roses.

Everything was so pretty and on a smaller scale. I could see people really living in the Petit Trianon. The gardens had some of the same plants that many of us have in our gardens.

I had to watch Marie Antoinette ( 2006 movie version) again to see the little farm and snatches of area.

Dreaming of my own little farm with cute sheep and pygmy goats I could be mistress of my own little farm world!

Have a PINK day!

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  1. Marie, I just read through all of your Paris posts...what inspiration!

    Roberta Comeau and I touched base - thanks!



    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio


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