Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Potager update

Most of you know about my potager-- the first vegetable garden I've attempted since I was 8 years old. I planned it and planted it on unused land between our home's fences. Our neighbor kindly let me use his land . It is a two tier garden about 6 feet across by 16 feet long.

Well, I am so pleased so far. Things are sprouting and growing and looking green and leafy. I actually pulled one small radish--I couldn't wait for it to grow more -it was tiny but mighty spicy and yummy.

And as a special treat my husband told me to order a sign for the gate leading into the potager. The sign was created by the kind and talented Paula at Castles and Cottages blog:

She has so many shapes and can make anything custom. She is so creative.

So many weeks need to pass yet before I harvest any sizable amount of veggies but it is a real treat watching it all grow and anticipating the meals I will make with my own produce!! It still amazes me to plant seeds and get a real vegetable plant. Life is amazing and awe inspiring. In my own tiny way I feel more connected to nature with my own vegetables and my flowers.

Have a PINK day!

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  1. Hello Marie,
    Your new garden is looking lovely! I love to watch the veggies grow too!
    Thanks so much for visiting me too!
    Sandy (Streamside Studio) posted that she was going on a blogcation, right before her site went private. I am hoping all is well with her.
    Have a Great Weekend!


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