Saturday, May 1, 2010

Everyone loved Sophie-Marie

We had seven wonderful years with our tiniest Maltese Sophie-Marie. She was a spirited little firecracker with no fear and smart as smart can be. She loved her stroller rides and opening gifts and tummy rubs.

She had a fatal illness GME and we have known since December 09. We had a few more months with her but she had seizures 3 weeks ago and went downhill then tonight more strong seizures. She is at peace now and I held her in my arms when she went.

I am sure she is in a pink happy place now. Simone-Marie (her mom) and Sydney-Marie will miss her as will we.

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  1. Oh I am so very sorry. My Casey died 2 weeks ago here at home and that was the best way. She was 13 though. I am glad she had a few final good months with her family.
    Big Hugs, Lisa


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