Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pink Girl needs a new car!!

I want a new car soon. I need a job first, of course, and so far nothing great has turned up in that area. I will find something wonderful soon.

My dream is to buy a used, small white Mercedes and put a pale pink stripe or scroll on back end and do a pale pink leather interior and maybe hubcaps like in the photo above!!

I can see myself zipping around in it. I will keep it forever. This car is cute but too old to have a CD player and navigation (I need a navigation system) and air- in the South we need air!!

So for now I will be dreaming about my pink auto- a goal worth working towards. I think they are very safe cars too and with people driving at 80 mph and texting while doing so --safe sounds good to me!

I found this photo on a Paris blog and I cannot remember which one! If anyone does please let me know so I can credit it. I had to have this pink car photo to help me keep my "dream car" alive

Have a PINK day!


  1. I know this isn't your PS post but i saw it and I couldn't help but say I want one, too! Wow- it's awesome!

    Sorry for the late PS visit- so many pinks, so little time this long holiday weekend!

    Happy belated PS!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae
    "Do These Shoes Match This Purse?"

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