Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pink birds

They are not exactly a partridge in a pear tree but my two Bourke's parakeets are pink--one of the few naturally pink birds . The were born here but at some point the original breeding pair came from Australia- they are grassland birds- so they feed on the ground mainly. I have to put their seed and water on the floor of their PAGODA style birdcage. I couldn't believe I found a pagoda shaped cage.

Something about pagodas and cabbages and pink peonies and Laduree pink boxes are very appealing to me. Over the years I have collected many items that fall into my" obsession" category--this birdcage is one.

I hope Kitty and Cici are happy they seem to be. Bourke's parakeets are also fairly quiet birds no scratchy noises just sweet chirps and they love to dance for my cat and they love the noise the hoover makes and the sound of running water. Kitty was here before we got our cat. The neighbor kids think it is funny that we have a bird named Kitty and a cat named Charlotte Moss. ( after the wonderful interior designer) and Kitty was named after a Tolstoy character in Anna Karennia.

So no partridge in a pear tree at my pink house but
pink birds -- I've got them.

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