Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pink Christmas

When I began my "pink living' in early 80's it was very hard to find any holiday decorations in pink. Over the years we have amassed a ton of things and usually put up several trees each year.
My neighbors thought I was crazy back then ( and possibly still think that) with my swans and pink tulle on the tree.

Most years I do smaller trees unless we are having company or a big party. It is also very important aesthecially to coordinate the wrapping paper with the tree colors. Thus, I have different trees in different rooms. Not all are pink.

The tree shown is full of dried flowers from my garden- mainly peonies and pink berry.
Miss Charlotte Moss our wonderful girl ( named after the lovely Charlotte Moss the designer) loves to sit and gaze at the twinkle lights on the mantel and on the trees. She never bothers the ornamentsjust content to look.
Please allow me time to learn how to blog I am not a whiz at this at all.
Off to festoon some other area of the house.

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