Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pagodas here and there

On my pagoda obsession--still don't know why that shape appeals to me. I have read material on the significance of the shape but that is within the context of religion. I just like the shape and the serenity of them.

One of my Christmas gifts to myself was a Charlotte Moss Virginia candle. She has made them for years but recently changed the packaging--with a pagoda top!! I can use it to hold something when I am finished with the candle. It is just those type of details that sets good product packaging and decor apart from the ho hum.

And I think when you really like something ( pagodas, pastries, pink , Paris, French cabbages) you must unknowingly notice that item more and then other people around you look for it too and an obsession is born!

Life is such a short ride- why go with a plain lid?

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