Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Can you be homesick for a place you never lived?

Homesick for Paris- it usually hits me at Christmas--even though I have never been there at that time of year. I imagine the windows and the church bells and the hot chocolate at Angelina's and I want to be there.

Paris is my favorite city--even though city living anyplace can be a hassle and especially in such a paper burdened society as the French-- I still want to live there someday. It is a million little things- the dolphin downspouts, the lions in the big fountain in the sixth arrondessement, the clever little signs and the allure of the perfume shops that make me sigh every time I think of the city.

Paris doesn't stand still yet it does not fundamentally change either. I think that is true for much of France. There is a respect and an adherence to the traditional ways of doing things and then just when you think it will always be just that way- Laduree comes up with a new flavor of macaroon and breaks the pattern.

So I am sure that on December 25 I will be sitting in front of my French fireplace in Georgia and for a few brief, dazzling moments I will be in Paris.

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