Sunday, December 27, 2009


Where does inspiration come from? I find it in looking at things carefully. I think anyone can develop "good taste or a style sense" if they look at enough images/objects to train their mind.

I gather a lot of ideas and pleasure too from looking at images on people's blogs or in design books or design magazines. Flowers and gardens are an endless source for me also. I am a visual person and a scent person so those things are important to me-- my mom says I always smelled things even when I was little. My home must have a good scent. I love using scented linen water on my sheets when I iron them (sometimes I cheat and just iron pillow cases and the top end of the flat sheet ...sshh) and drawer liner in drawers. I wish I had a true linen closet or linen room. In a show house in Pacific Heights in San Francisco the home was so big and so well designed back in early 1900's that there was an entire walk in room lined with drawers and glass cabinets to house all the bed and table linens--now that is true luxury.
I have loved watching swans over the years. In another state I had a pair of swans that I tamed-- and I loved to go feed them daily and watch them glide across the water. One winter day I took a photo of them swimming with the snow falling- absolutely one of my favorite all time images and that inspired me to write a short poem about them.

My inspiration board above my desk is always good for stress relief and to spark some idea whether it is an idea for the blog- for the house- for a party- for a gift. My inspiration board ,which changes all the time, always gives me some spark..Of course so many of my things are pink !
When we see beautiful things I think it encourages us to create something beautiful as well.

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