Sunday, December 13, 2009

An Asian Christmas

As much as I adore French furniture and art and lifestyle I am also intrigued and drawn to Asian art and home decoration. So I went on Etsy one day and found these lovely origami Christmas trees that I use on top of dining table or around the living room. The formal living room is where I have my Japanese style ( to my eye anyway Japanese style) Christmas tree. I have reproduction of Utamaro's women of the floating world on the walls in there and other Asian touches.

Etsy is a great source for vintage and handmade items of all styles in all media. My little origami trees were not expensive and arrived via mail in perfect condition.

My dream would be to have several homes or apartments and be able to do all the styles I love. My one origami tree is made with the Japanese paper that depicts cherry blossoms-so it is pink that tree is in master bedroom the one with the crane paper is in formal living room. I love to have fun with little design elements like this.

Anyone know how to say Merry Christmas in Japanese?

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