Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mad for Monograms

I think it is a "Southern thing" but we sure love to monogram things in the South.

I love my monogram. I copied Marie Antoinette's --if she loved it who am I not to love it too?

So now I look for ways to use this lovely piece of artwork. I have it on stationery and on linen. Next will be to use it on an iron gate I am going to have made for the garden. I can see those pretty curved letters in the center of black iron work and it will be a grand entrance to my tiny walled garden.

I also will be monograming the backs of my formal silver flatware pattern. So I will set the table French-style with the backs facing upwards--better to see my pretty monogram. I saw the MA monogram on a doorknob in Versailles.

This photo of the monogram came from the wonderful book The Private Realm of Marie Antoinette by Boyer and Halard. That book is one of my favorite books ever. Leave it to the French to take an everyday object and make it so lovely. The artists of that time also incorporated the Queen's dog on a chair arm!! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all have items made to order in that manner? Bliss.

Of course my Petit Trianon china by Raynaud comes with it on several of the pieces if you ask for it when you order.

Other ideas rolling around in my thoughts are using it on the top of an anniversary cake and making a boxwood monogram for the garden-- that would be so fun- It would take awhile for it to fill in I'd use the tiny leaf slow growing boxwood-- I want to explore this further.

Monograms are fun especially now with all the new printing and laser techniques- I will have to dream about these applications some more.

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