Monday, December 14, 2009


I love to wrap gifts!! I have more fun wrapping than I do in the purchase usually. I like to try and fit my gift and gift wrap to a theme or to a person's likes or favorite colors.

Seeing a ton of gifts for other people under the tree makes me so happy- since most of my friends live far away I take special care to find pretty things or to make them something I know they will use or want.

One of the blogs I follow is A Gift Wrapped Life- a real inspiration for people who love to gift wrap and love pretty design. I would love to meet the wonderful Sande Chase and have a peek into her amazing wrap room/area.

I was looking at some old family photos of myself as a baby and in each picture I see baby me having a bath, another one opening Christmas presents under the tree.And I thought wow I still like to do those very same things simple things that mean so much. So for me, the art or the beauty is in the details of those simple things- wrapping the gifts with special ribbon or a trinket, having my bath with scented bubbles and a glass of wine or listening to music I love.

Elevating the everyday to a little nicer than it has to be. Making the everyday into a beautiful ritual- to slow down and live in the moment.

Take the time to really look at the task at hand and try to make it more meaningful. Which brings me back to my love of the Asian and the French influences --both cultures seem to be really adept at taking the everyday and making it special, or of high quality.

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