Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Organize your life and do it in color

I love to have everything neat and know where everything is. My home is small so I can get overwhelmed quickly if things are not where they should be.
However, even my tidy little heart can't be happy unless it is neat and PRETTY usually pink pretty.
Costume jewelry can get messey quickly so I store some in jewelry box with the better things and some that I wear often I put in pretty containers and trays so it is neat but looks good too.

The black jars used to hold this powder and bubble bath powder from France called Pavlova and the company is gone now. I am glad I kept the jars I use them daily.

Even our closets for storing holiday decorations are neat and pretty. I found great pink plastic tubs at Walmart last summer and they have then in again now. They also have pretty green and lavender ones in case you are not a pink girl.

In my small and stuffed closet I use the tubs for storage of handbags and paper goods and I am nerdy enough to save pretty boxes and bags and use them in the closet and it makes me happy to see them and remember my time shopping at that particular shop.

So if it pretty or from a posh shop don't throw the bag or box away- I see vintage shopping bags or designer bags on line for sale. Even your closet should be pretty--and pink

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