Monday, December 7, 2009

How pink do you want to go?

Loving pink and being a bit obsessive and easily I have carried my love of this color to the extreme. I know that-- so I am not crazy-- right?

For me, using pink everyday objects just makes my daily life more fun. No one needs a pink potato peeler but Kitchen Aid makes a great one. I was so thrilled about 7-8 years ago when Kitchen Aid came out with all the pink items for breast cancer fundraising. I think I have every item. Hardest thing to find was the pink toaster.

I am probably the only person who goes to Europe or UK and brings back rolls of pink toilet paper- I bring back a lot to tide me over between trips. One customs agent really thought that was strange and really looked at it all -maybe he thought I had drugs inside the rolls?

Think of your favorite color and how it makes you feel--do you have items that you could buy in your favorite color? Life is so short and so stressful make yourself and others happy with simple things like color and good fragrances and organization in your home and work environment.

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