Friday, December 18, 2009

Ooh la la- a vanity table

A vanity table is such a luxury but it should be part of all our boudoir's. I have had to downsize my vanity table so I can use a desk in the bedroom ( to create this blog and other work) and the downsizing forced me to edit my little treasures. Each item has a story or place or a person that I think of when I see it.

I have indulged my inner-French diva on the vanity table! Using a vanity forces one to slow down and make a ritual of the act of preparing to go into the world. It is an intimate part of your bed room and an intimate process of adorning oneself with make up and scent and possible jewelry too.

Claudia Strasser-blogger, shop owner, tour guide,and author, is compiling a book of photos of women's vanity tables - it will be called in book form Vanities for Humanity and proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity. I can't wait to see the book. Her name is familiar because she wrote The Paris Apartment and opened a NY shop of the same name.The new book will be a peek into another world. No wonder painters in Marie-Antoinette's time painted her at her vanity.

That wonderful movie from 1980's Dangerous Liaisons had several great vanity scenes. How I would have loved to go back in time and witness this dressing process.

So make a little area for a vanity and relax and enjoy the process- look at your treasures and recall the person or place that comes to mind.Living in the moment also connects you to the past.

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  1. There is nothing more girly than a vanity table! Thanks for reminding me. I may just have to ask Santa for one :-)


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