Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Laduree and tea

I adore Laduree tea and the Laduree tea salons in Paris and London. It is often that I bring back tea and other goodies as gifts from France. Laduree makes the best macaroons in delightful pastel shades and flavors. the French line up for the pleasure of buying them. It is chic hostess gift to bring a box from Laduree.

A real treat for me is having a cup of tea ( I like the Marie Antoinette blend) in my Petite Trianon demitasse cup ( Raynaud china ) . I use the wrapped sugar from Fauchon ( too bad Fauchon closed their shop in NY city) for my tea. The French do not use the loose sugar we use here.
Since my monogram is that of Marie Antoinette and this china was her traveling china that had her monogram on it I just love having it-makes it extra special and it has enough pink in the pattern to make it pink enough for my pink world.

In this hurry up busy world it is still a civilized pleasure to stop for a few minutes each afternoon and have a cup of tea and catch your breath. You can pretend to be in Paris.

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