Monday, December 21, 2009

Swans and simplicity

Swan are so special- their serene demeanor, that glide motion, the down that makes such decadent powder puffs. They mate for life--which is more than most people do now .

I have used swans for decorating for holidays for many years. The large tree that we didn't put up this year has about 26 swan ornaments. I did however, find these wonderful simple cotton batting ornaments from Goldbug Studio this season. In the master bedroom I just did green on the mantel and the pearls and white twinkle lights and two of these precious swans. Less is sometimes more.

With all the holiday hustle and a sick dog I wanted to keep most of the decorations simple . I love to sit near the fireplace and enjoy the scent of the fresh pine garland and look at my two swans floating in a sea of white and green.

Take some time and relax, look around enjoy the beauty that is in everything. That is a true holiday gift.

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