Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Longing for Peonies

Sadly, no more fresh peonies till late April or early May 2010. I've planted new ones in September to delight us in a few years. I am lucky to be able to grown them this far South. The big, full, double ones are my favorites--all in shades of pink or white. I carry my pink preference into the garden.

This lovely peony sachet is on my little dressing table to cheer me during the many peony barren months. I have always loved peonies and sweet peas and consider it a blessing to be able to grow them in my tiny garden. All the little things on my dressing table have meaning to me .

Peonies ,for some reason, seem to be much more decadent than the rose or any other flower. Perhaps it is their brief bloom time and the fullness of the flower petals.
I had a dream not long ago that my garden was blooming with peonies and it snowed it looked so beautiful. In real life that would be awful but in dreams it was a beautiful image.

My first Hermes scarf has peonies on it.I bought in Paris in late 80's It was such a decadent treat but over the course of years it has actually been a frugal purchase considering how often I wear it.

If I can't wear peonies all the time I can enjoy the flowers in the spring and try to spend as much time with my peonies as possible.

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