Monday, March 28, 2011

Tea and macarons in the bedroom

Pink tea cup I love the flowers inside the cup and the cut work saucer An inviting spot to rest and read my chair is small fits the small room
Tea in a pink cutwork cup and pink macarons from Sugar Cakes
Lap desk and letters that I treasure
For the small, small print a little lorgnette from my collection Happy vacation memories and a comfy pink throw Tea break in the bedroom surrounded by my special photos

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Many times on a gloomy or rainy day I will have a little tea break in the master bedroom. My chair is a boudoir size and fits me perfectly.

I love to gather my new magazines and letters and spend an hour or two reading magazines and writing letters and looking at vacation photos. A real letter is so precious to me that I save them. I love my little lap desk that my friend MJ made for me decoupaging it with cherubs and pretty paper. It is such a luxury to have such a custom made item. I have used it for about 20 years now.

My local pastry shop, Sugar Cakes on the Marietta Square, now makes macarons!! Yum

Whom do you enjoy writing letters to? Do you save your letters?

Have a Pink day!


  1. Great surroundings to enjoy a cup of tea!

  2. Everything looks so charming and beautiful. It's been a long time since receiving a handwritten letter, but I do keep and treasure all of them.The pink macarons are so dainty and delicate, a wonderful place to spend tea!yvette@twistedvines

  3. What a lovely tea party you are having. So many beautiful things to see.

  4. What a lovely tea you are having, Marie! The quiet spot sounds perfect to do some reading and enjoy a cup of tea. A lovely post! Thank you for joining me today. I hope you're having a wonderful week.


  5. A delightful spot for tea and memories!


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