Friday, March 11, 2011

Pink and Green Saturday and pinkness all around

I love these ceramic egg boxes from HomeGoods if you find them buy it for me I will reimburse you
They are so me pink and green and white and a BOW!!

This little lettuce box is always out in family room which happens to be pink and green!

Happy Pink Saturday
In honor of St Patrick's Day we are doing a Pink and Green post today

Also today I need your help. If anyone finds these ceramic egg boxes ( top photo) at a HomeGoods/TJ Maxx store please buy them for me and I will reimburse you for them and shipping too. I fell in love and have gone to all of them locally to no avail. I got all I could. If you find them you can email me or leave me a comment.

The charming little ceramic houses were a purchase very early on in our marriage. We lived in Florida and I could just see them sitting on my kitchen counter top.

They have moved with us in our many relocations. Just looking at them reminds me of the sun in Florida and how grown up I felt buying things for our new apartment. I have always loved pink and just started buying things in pink for the house too, never thinking that it was odd to buy so much in pink. Pink goes with any other color I think.
Many thanks to Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday please click on the link to view other PINK posts:
Have a Pink day!


  1. I fall in love with your pink and dreamy blog every time I visit!

  2. I have never been to a Homegoods store but everyone is always mentioning them. You had some lovely things out for pink and green Saturday.

  3. I'll take a peek & see if ours has any. They are darling.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day ~
    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~


  4. I will look for you tomorrow! Love your Pink and Greens. Happy Pink and Green Saturday. Grace xoox

  5. Those boxes are so pretty. I always fall for ceramic houses too. Yours are so special, having been with you from early in your marriage! Happy Pink Saturday! Linda

  6. Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
    Oh what a beautiful share today. I love your little egg boxes and yes the colors are absolutely exquisite. I have it on my list to go to our Home Goods store tomorrow here in Phoenix and if I find any I will email you sweet friend. I will cross my fingers for you.

    I also love your pink houses. They remind me of home. I can just see them in the kitchen. How bright and pretty. So welcoming aren't they?

    Have a beautiful Pink Saturday and a Magical St. Patty's Day. I will email you if I find any eggs tomorrow. I guess you could say I am on an Easter Egg Hunt. Many hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

  7. I'll try to stop by a couple of our TJ Maxx's tomorrow. We don't have a Home Goods. The box is wonderful....are you thinking of them as individual covered soups or dessert presentation pieces? How many do you hope to find? Cherry Kay

  8. I saw your post of the puppy tea party and was so glad to see the darling sweethearts. I am sorry one has gone over the bridge. The cart is very cute with the photos of them. The collie I have is so sweet and she loves all the attention since we lost our Crystal, a collie, awhile back. Thanks for sharing your posts for they are always appreciated. I left this on a different day for I love your egg you found at Home Goods. Happy Blogging!

  9. The pictures are just yummy! Those ceramic houses must be very special - it's those kinds of things that we treasure that always seem to find a place wherever we go to.
    Blessings and Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. Congrats, nice to hear that you're making some really nice ground. I think its all about for special days or special business.Plastic business cards.

  11. Love all your pinks and greens today!! I love those egg boxes!! Unfortunately , we do not have a Home Goods near us!! I am so jealous of those that do have a Home Goods near by!



  12. Those all truly the prettiest little boxes I have seen in awhile. I do not think we have a store here like that. You have a good start on a neat collection.

  13. Love the houses. Good luck with the egg boxes. Have a great PS and weekend!

  14. Your things are so sof. Have a Happy PS. Laura

  15. Happy Pink Saturday!

    I really love your china houses.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Love your egg boxes and china houses! They're simply adorable!.., Happy pink and green Saturday!

    Thanks for visiting and joining us for last week's TTTT and also for my 73rd, 'Tuesday Tea For Two', as well! ~

    Your tea post last week was also just delightful! I especially loved the way you nestled your teacups in the apothecary jar with the pink shredded paper, as well as the darling painted napkin; so lovely!..,

    (My apologies;I was out of the office and therefore unable to pop by until now)..,

    Have a wonderful week ahead!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

  17. Those are great finds indeed! I love the jewelry in your recent post too!


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