Friday, March 4, 2011

Pink Saturday! Ribbons and masks

Pink ribbons in a jar-- I love to enjoy them before I use them

Cute boxes from Nick Kniel's shop for ribbon storage

Join Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for more Pink Saturday posts: And many thanks to her for hosting this blog party week after week.

This delightful mask is by JoAnn of JoAnn's Holiday Frivoloties. She does fun things for all the holidays and this mask lives in my bathroom by the tub. I light all my candles and pretend I am bathing at Versailles! And just like Marie Antoinette I adore ribbons and have many creative ways to store them--some on rolls, some loose. I think these pink boxes make storing them fun.
I also like to store them in glass containers so I can enjoy looking at them
Have a Pink day!


  1. What beauty! Your pictures are simply delish.
    :D Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. I love the glass jar and the heart ribbons. How about a closeup of the ribbons inside?? Happy Pink Saturday to you.

  3. What a fun idea to pop the ribbons in the jar and enjoy them before you use them. That would be a fun idea with the cute hair bows and accessories my grandchildren love. Thanks for a fun Pink Saturday visit. :)

  4. Now what a great idea..... Pink ribbons in a jar! Simple but beautiful!!



  5. your pictures are always so lovely! I love visiting your blog. All the pink makes me smile. I love the mask. Happy Pink Saturday. Grace xoox

  6. Bonsoir Marie.
    I'm looking at your sweet fur babies, my weakness. CUTE CUTE CUTE.
    Your pinks are over the top sweet too.
    Happy PS
    Love Claudie from Canada

  7. Your pinks are displayed so beautifully..have a very happy pink Saturday !

  8. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Love that mask!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  9. Happy Pink Saturday!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! I'm a new blogger, and I am so excited to see soooo many people who love pink!! It is my favorite color, and I didn't think there would be THIS many others!! Pink is awesome!
    I'm following you blog now too. I really love what you do!

  10. Love the ribbons in the jar idea!! And great shots too!
    Happy PS!

  11. OMG so pretty here...I just had to follow...I am pink too and I hope you visit...Pinkim!TrulySimplyPink

  12. Oh my goodness I am just squeeling with delight over those lovely pink boxes!

    From the bottom of my heart I so appreciate your supportive comment. Thank you dear one.


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