Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pink casserole dish and dinner

Home Goods pink casserole dish love the wavy edges. I made the floral centerpiece

Show and Tell Friday
I know we are not to show recipes really but I am highlighting my new PINK casserole dish and bunny creamer.
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I got this cute casserole dish at Home Goods and wanted to use it right away so I made a chicken and veggie casserole for Pink Boy. It came out well and we had a lot of veggies in the casserole. I served it with a small salad and fresh iced tea.
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Here it is --so simple to make:

Marie Arden's Casserole

1 cooked chicken from your local Costco or deli no skin all meat cut up in small bites

1 cup peas ( I use the steamer ones from Birds Eye

1 cup carrots diced up fresh

1 cup broccoli cut up small steamed

1 cup corn ( again steamers)

1 package no cholesterol noodles cooked or you could use 3 cups of cooked rice

Make a sauce after assembling all the other ingredients in a large bowl.


1 stick butter melted

1 cup sifted flour stirred slowly into melted butter

add 1/2 cup wine slowly white wine

then add 1 cup milk slowly

add salt, pepper and fresh cut chives to your taste

I also add about 1/2 t. nutmeg to the sauce YUM

Spray casserole with bakers ease spray first then add mixture

Bake at 375 in casserole dish for about 30-40 minutes.

I added a little cheese and panko to top it off.

Have a Pink day!

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  1. The bunny jug is just so cute. Perfect for Easter. Fiona


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