Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pink Saturday and Pink Mystery

Please go to How Sweet the Sound and visit other pink posts today. I am toatsing Beverly and all the other pink bloggers out there. Having Pink Saturday is a fun way to visit other blogs.The link is to the right.

What is this--do you know? Do you have a guess? I will give you a hint-- it is not a living thing.

Just looking at this photo makes me happy- all that pretty pinkness. If you have a guess toast yourself- - it is something I made.

Give up....?

It is a tissue paper pom pom I made from a Martha Stewart kit for a party and just can't throw it out so I keep moving it around the house or outside if weather is not damp.

Have a PINK day!


  1. I've seen these before and they are a thing of beauty and so soft... Have a great weekend

  2. So pretty! And, I am like you - I would never be able to throw it out!

    Happy PS,

  3. My mother used to make crepe paper roses and tie them on the branches of the Christmas tree each year and they were stunning. Just the red roses, green of the tree and white lights. You fooled me on the tissue paper

  4. I love these! I was at Michael's looking for them today but all I could find were the white ones. Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday and I wanted to hang these from the ceiling like she did last year on my birthday - it looked positively magical! I saved them for as long as I could and then I guess they got messed up. Oh well, it looks like it will be white tissue flowers and pink and green crepe paper!



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