Friday, November 19, 2010

Be an elf and help me

As I may have mentioned before I have all these ideas...aahhm and some of them come about and some of them drive me crazy and some never work at all. I really am not at all crafty --what little I do is a fluke-- but I do have visions of how I want things to look or ideas for things.

And one of my ideas for this year's big pink tree (stuff on it is pink not the tree) is a pretty white banner of either ribbon or paper about 6 foot long probably two to place near top of the tree with some words in pretty curvy script on it.

Well, this has turned into a nightmare!! One would think I am inventing some new robot or something.

The image above is from Pottery Barn, the banner (I bought one to show to people) is the right size 5 inches wide but the background is dark, the letters are block like and not what I want to say at all. So the search continues for plain white or pale pink 5 inch wide paper that I can have in 6 foot lengths. Then I will use stamps or maybe even try my own "fancy" writing on it. I also want to glitter the edges. Desperate times and all that! ha

Does anyone have a source for paper like that? I need it in long 6-8 foot lengths. It has to be stiff enough to place into the tree but not so stiff it wrinkles a lot and can only be used once.It also has to be smooth so I can write on it.

Any pink help? Leave me a comment or email me. I am afraid I won't be doing this this year.

Have a PINK day!

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