Friday, August 20, 2010

A visit to Chanel's apartment 31 rue Cambon

Since yesterday was Coco Chanel's birthday I thought I'd show you her apartment. It has been preserved. She slept at the Ritz but kept the 4 story apartment at 31 rue Cambon with first floor taken up by the shop and then the apartment, couture level and the workroom on top.

She was ahead of her time in home decor also, using screens and many symbolic images. She was superstitious and had lions (her astrological sign) and wheat, a symbol of prosperity, around the apartment. The mirror in the entry is the exact shape of the top of the stopper on Chanel No. 5 !

Her suede beige sofa was very innovative and her apartment continues to inspire Chanel designers and their ad campaigns. The birdcage above was the inspiration for the ad of model Vanessa Paradiso swinging in a bird cage

To view interior tour filmed by Chanel News the making of a commercial hit this link below:

Before she left the Ritz she would let her staff know she was going to the apartment and the staff would spray Chanel No. 5 in the apartment's entry way. Attention to detail, non?
The lamps on the demi-lune table are so today ! All the items around the apartment have become classics of design. NPR radio also did a tour of the apartment a few years ago check it out online.
The sofa in the top picture was not one she owned but became so famous from the photo that it was purchased and placed in the apartment. Mademoiselle Chanel hated doors and used antique screens as backdrops and faux doorways. Another ahead of its time decorating idea.

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