Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pinkly packaged Japanese treats!

Blogging about Japan yesterday inspired a run to the Asian/Japanese grocery Tomato in Norcross. I love to go to Japanese grocery stores and look at the colorful packaging. Lots of it is PINK. I know from working for an international linen company that the Japanese consumer (in Japan) loves PINK! Another reason I know I will love Japan.

This is a Japanese treat a round puffy marshmallow filled with a strawberry jelly and it is not too sweet! Most of the Asian desserts I have eaten are not very sweet. So was I in heaven there pink packaging, sweets and all kinds of cute little plates and even Japanese magazines. I think it is one of my favorite markets to go to.

Have a PINK day!


  1. As my kids were growing up we hosted a number of exchange students and we were so happy to have a Japanese student with us for a year. My kids LOVED the MANY packages that our student's mom would send to them. The Japanese are so thoughtful with gifts and it was most common to get a box of gifts and candy every month. For year's after our student had returned home we would still receive a gift on his graduation date with a letter of thanks. It wasn't pink but all of these kind gestures were unforgettable.

  2. thanks so much for visiting me and enjoying my hangers. sorry I'm so late in getting back to you!


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