Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bird cage envy

As most of you dear MAPL followers know I love birds -- real birds, birds on fabric, bird motifs, bird cages, pink birds, bird houses, you get the drift. I have long envied Cindy of My Romantic Home (here is the link-- her large white birdcage . See her Sept 22, 2008 post.

Well, today I found one brand new just like it in a local consignment shop in the Vinings Jubilee Shopping Center!! The shop faces Paces Ferry Road. My husband said go ahead and get it so he doesn't have to " be on the lookout for it anymore" hmmm. Not that I think he actually ever looked-- ha He was just sick of me mentioning it.

I took the photo of it with him holding the pink fabric up so you could see it clearly. I decided to put it in my kitchen which connects to my tiny family room. Goes well with all the pink and green and white in there. This is my fourth cage for inside the house not counting my real birds real cage and the one decorative cage outside. I think this is the maximum this tiny house will hold.

Thanks Cindy for igniting my birdcage envy-- the quest is over.

Have a PINK day!


  1. I'm so happy you were able to find one!!! I still love mine! I can't believe I've already had mine 2 years...I didn't realize that until I read your post! Enjoy yours...

  2. Just gorgeous! I love bird cages too and have a few but one like that would be nice!Fiona


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