Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pink Living and Linen water !!

It doesn't take much to make me happy!! I found linen water in wonderful scents at my local Homegoods store. Do you have one nearby? Some are bigger and better than others and they all get a different mix of things but most I would think stock the linen water. It is usually so expensive that I have even made my own in the past to save money.

The entire linen water concept is so key to my idea of Pink Living-- something that isn"t even that expensive can make life so much nicer. I had the pleasure to work, for many years, for a fine French linen company and I have a rather extensive collection of bed linens. I care for them and treasure them and ironing them using linen water just adds that extra "something" that makes life nice.

I use linen water on my sheets of course, spray it in my lingerie drawers, spray it on hankies too and sometimes even on my blouses if I am not wearing any scent that day. I always spray it on my nice guest towels in the powder room before a party.

Sometimes half way through the week when I feel my bed is a little tired looking I will respray the pillow cases to freshen it up.

Do you have a favorite scent? I bought all my favorites: rose petal, sweet pea, lilac, pink jasmine!! I am not crazy about lavender they had that too. I have shown you the labels but there does not seem to be a real company name on the labels. Try it I am sure you will love it.

Have a PINK day!

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  1. Your post is so interesting. My sister is serious about ironing so this is a serious topic to her. I will have to pass along the link.


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