Wednesday, September 22, 2010

PINK GIRL on wheels!

Took awhile but I finally got my new vanity tag! Now everyone can see me coming or should I say see me going since we only do rear plates in Georgia!

I am so thrilled with my tag. I bet men shake their heads or think it is stupid.

Poor Pink Boy I feel sorry for him if he has to drive my car now--the pink stickers on the back were bad enough.

If I ever get my dream car with pink leather interior I will really feel sorry for him then.

Have a PINK day!


  1. LOVE IT! The pink license plate frame makes it pop! I've always dreamed of a pink 1957 Thunderbird myself! Enjoy it PinkGirl!

  2. I just love that, Marie! I'm happy for you! :) J'adore pink!!!

  3. HELLO....



  4. It's not stupid. It's so cute! Where you able to keep this plate until today? I wish they allow rear plates here in New york. Too bad for your boy. Maybe you should just get him a shiny black car when he's ready and able to drive. :) Have a safe drive, Marie!

    Fe Penley


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