Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shoes!! More shoes!!

With the movie Sex and City 2 out now-- my thoughts turn to shoes. Shoes played such a big part in the TV show and were a focus in the first movie. I wonder if they will be a part of this movie too? I have yet to see it.

Planing my wardrobe for Paris is fun and a bit stressful --especially now with all the baggage limitations. My fear is that I will not be able to walk a lot if my shoes hurt at all. So I will not be taking many high heels- flats for me. I want to walk and walk. On the Today show today the showed some new products for making feet comfortable a stick to rub on heels to soften them and another product to put on your foot if shoes are pinching. I must get the anti pinch one and be prepared. I will be wearing styles above in my head as I wander the Parisian streets in my flats!

Have a PINK day!

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