Thursday, June 3, 2010

PINK all the way!!

Lest you think my PINK love is superficial take a look above. If you have followed me for awhile you may have seen previous posts showing pink pots and pans and pink toilet paper and pink china.

While I am getting ready for my Paris trip I am doing some spring cleaning too and thought you would like to see some of my various kitchen implements that are pink. Not too many people have a pink rolling pin, pink snack bag closers in breast cancer ribbon shape, pink cookie cutters, and the best pink (or any color) can opened by Kitchen Aid. Also, pink bottle stopper, pink knives. Wish they still made paper towels with pink print on them.

I also have the pink mixer, blender, toaster, coffee maker, hand mixer, food processor and many bowls, quiche pans, bread pans and other tools all in pink. I don't mess around ! Pink is such a big part of my life it is second nature to me and even my friend's children know I love pink and they see pink things and tell their mothers I would like it since it is pink. What a hoot!!

Have a PINK day!

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