Sunday, June 6, 2010

More pink houses

The Atlanta and Marietta areas of Georgia are full of very lovely homes--anyone driving through Buckhead or Vinings can tell you that. I look for unique homes not just big . I look at proportion and details and how the house is set into the lot. I wish I could develop a community. I have all sorts of ideas on how to make it a real community. The areas that appeal to me tend to have a village feel, or the residents have the ability to walk to shops and services in the area.

I am always on the lookout for pink homes- and this home above is not only PINK it is very French. It sits in a group of just a few homes off a main road. It is what the French call a bastide-- a country house sometimes in South of France. A bit more rustic than a Parisian home or city home.

The shutters and the cobblestone courtyard area are correct. I wonder if the people that built it have traveled to France and stayed in a home like this? When I pass it I take an instant mini vacation to France!

Have a PINK day!


  1. It's a beautiful house and you're right about the shutters - perfecto!

  2. Awesome Pinks house!! I love them!!
    Hugs, Lisa


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