Thursday, February 18, 2010

Peonies are always at hand

I can't be without peonies for very long. So in winter I resort to a splurge now and then at the florist or sometimes Fresh Market has pretty ones flown in from some warm country.

I have bouquets in a few spots so I always see my pink peonies around the house. The little peony in a vase on my sink greets me each day.I found a use for my christening cup--it is now my tooth cup.

Most of them I buy bare root from Swenson's Nursery, Song Sparrow and White Flower Farm nurseries.I will post real blossoms in the spring.

My pink peony above in the header is one I grow. My big problem is not growing them but in labeling them. Everything I use wears away and I forget what the names are!! It truly is a pink day when my peonies are in bloom.

Have a PINK day!

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