Thursday, February 11, 2010

A bit of Paris in Atlanta

My favorite shop in all of Atlanta is Nicholas Kniel Embellishments in Sandy Springs. It is a unique little bit of Paris right here in the South. If you are lucky enough to visit you need to walk very slowly around the shop-- there is much to see. He does the most amazing displays and they change frequently-a great source for ideas.

Ribbons galore!! I think about 3000 rolls vintage and new. Buttons, netting for veils, millinery fruits and feathers and flowers for hats and pins. The store is a example of the lost art of being a niche store yet meeting the needs of many.

Brides in the know love the shop.Many brides walk down aisle adorned in ribbons or trims on headpieces and even on their gowns.Creative ideas for table settings and display ideas are there too. In fact, Nicholas Kniel and Timothy Wright wrote a book on ribbons and ribbon art. The book-- Ribbon The Art of Adornment just full of most beautiful images and ideas.

This shop is a little atelier of creativity and a wonderful source for ribbons and other adornments. He carries many pink ribbons so I am happy . The ribbons are organized by color to make it easy to find what you are looking for quickly. But really stop by when you have some time to chat with Nicholas about your project. He is always willing to help.

I use many of the ribbons for package wrapping and for creating sachets or my cat wears them as a bow. Marie Antoinette would feel right at home here in this opulent little jewel box .

Nicholas Kniel 290 Hilderbrand Dr B-16 404 252- 8855
Have a PINK day!

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