Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miss Moss my tres jolie chatte

My beautiful girl Miss Moss was an orphan. She hung around a model home in Atlanta's Buckhead area. I went to view the home one rainy Sunday after church and she saw me and she jumped into my car. My husband didn't want another cat we had had 3 wonderful cats but we really were not looking to add to our family.

The sermon that day at church was not to forget about the homeless and less fortunate. Well, I took her out of my car and left her by the model home and drove off. Then I spent a sleepless night telling myself I was going to the devil soon for being so uncaring.

I called the model home the next day and they said she was still there and I went back and took her home--that was 11 years ago. I tried to find her owner she had been spayed and seemed well cared for but no luck.
She has been the most friendly and sweetest cat we have ever had. She loves when people come over she goes to each person for attention. She loves wearing bows especially the pink ones! She's known to wear the occasional tiara too!

I named her after my favorite interior designer and I even told Charlotte Moss about her and sent her a photo. And the lovely human Charlotte Moss said she was honored I had given her her name.
She chose me and I am glad she did!

Have a PINK day!


  1. Really great stories! I do believe that the animals find us. Even if you look for one you know which one needs you! Thanks for sharing this lovely story! i just love her bows!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. Aw, what a sweet story and I am so glad Miss Moss found you and decided you all were her family, it sounds like she is a wonderful kitty.

    Happy PS
    Gail - Decorating My Tin Shack

  3. What a touching story!

    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio


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