Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Versailles memories

One of my favorite things to do is go to Versailles. It is only about 40 minutes via Metro to the town and an easy walk to the chateau. The chateau was named after the town and it wouldn't have ever been built to such excess if King Louis XIV wasn't jealous of the chateau his finance minister built--Vaux le Vicomte. That building was so elaborate he accused Fouquet (the finance minister) of embezzling and threw him in jail. Then the king had Vaux le Vicomte 's same architect Le Vau and garden designer le Notre, and Charles Le Brun the painter build Versailles.

The chateau has over 700 rooms and took over 14 years to enlarge the existing chateau and build the version we know today. It is not only the symbol of a king it is also a symbol of absolute power and the center of control in government during the time Louis XIV ruled.

More rooms are being restored and the theatre--which I personally think is one of the most perfect rooms on earth-- just had a complete restoration and is open again for visitors.

To really see everything you need to spend 3-4 days touring the chateau and the grounds.

I love the fact that I touched a door knob that the people of Louis XIV 's court touched. It really brings history to life. The town of Versailles is very pretty and has good food and nice hotels for a short stay.

I hope you get to see the wonder of Versailles soon.

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