Saturday, February 6, 2010

This little pink piggy...

Not much time today to post- enjoy the two little pink piggies-- photo from People magazine-- they are teacup pigs. They will stay tiny topping out, at most, at 15 pounds. Aren't they adorable?

I want one. Oh if I could just win that lottery and make my little farm full of wonderful animals baby face sheep, llamas, pygmy goats , lop eared dwarf rabbits and these tea cup porcine wonders!! I could create my own perfect little farm much as Marie Antoinette did with her Hameau de la Reine -- I could tie ribbons around the sheep's necks and lead them around just like she did!!A girl can dream...
Pigs are smart and can be house trained --if you know what I mean.

More on Monday in my "normal" topics but these petite pigs were too cute not to share them. Plus, soon I will reveal my "secret" I mentioned earlier this last week. A good secret!

Have a PINK day!

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