Friday, February 5, 2010

My love of pink probably began with...

I really enjoy my pink lifestyle- it is something that I can do to make my life and I hope the lives of those around me, a more pleasant and unique one. I have often wondered why I am so drawn to pink and I think it may have something to do with being a major Barbie doll fanatic as a child. I remember getting my first ( the original doll) Barbie. I saved up my allowance to purchase her.

As time went by Barbie 's world became pink and then pinker and she acquired all the items for living a fun pink life. Maybe that is why I find pink so wonderful?

I collect Barbie dolls, mainly ones in pink or with red hair, and I usually only buy the Silkstone ones. The Barbie above is one I want to purchase this year. She is dressed in pink and she represents to me the beauty of the showgirl. I love the costumes and all the fun props in burlesque shows-- Folies Bergere shows are tasteful and full of sequins, sparkle , feathers, and wonderful outfits.

Did you know that Paris Folies Bergere has hosted Josephine Baker, the French writer Colette, and Charlie Chaplin on its stage--not doing burlesque but their own performances? Recently the queen of modern burlesque Miss Dita von Teese has graced their stage. She is famous for her routines especially her giant martini glass. She is a major collector of vintage clothing, corsets and now has her own line of lingerie as well.

I bet when someone mentions Folies Bergere you don't think of Manet or art but one of Manet's most famous works is titled Bar at the Folies Bergere and depicts a bar maid looking straight out from behind the bar with the audience reflected in mirror behind her.Painted in 1882 and shown at the Paris Salon it has always been a bit of an enigma--because standing at the bar you would not have that view--artistic license I guess.

And this new Showgirl Barbie also reminds me that in November of this year the movie Burlesque will open. Christina Auguilera and Cher are starring in it and I am sure it will be a visual treat and since both are singing it will be even better!! And I hope they offer a cameo to Dita- she is one woman who knows how to dress well and has made burlesque more tasteful

One more Folies Bergere fun fact before I leave you. Christian Louboutin ,of the red sole shoes, had his first job designing shoes at age 16 for Folies Bergere!! And this is sort of neat he just collaborated with Mattel and did a Fashion Barbie!!

So put on your sequins and feathers and go out and

Have a PINK day!

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  1. Barbie is the BEST!!! Lovely pinks!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa


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