Friday, May 31, 2013

The lushness of peonies

I still have some peonies blooming! I am always so sad when the season ends. I adore peonies, sweet peas and pink fluffy roses and pink snapdragons. 
Pink peonies are my favorite. I dry them and use them in decorations and craft projects. I can never have enough peonies. I thought you would enjoy seeing one of the last bouquets I made sitting on my bedroom mantel.
Every peony is a miracle and I cherish each one. Happy Pink Saturday and thanks to Beverly for hosting
Have a Pink day!


  1. They do make for a lovely pink flower arrangement. I never had much luck with them.

  2. They are also my favorite flower, I believe the fragrance is intoxicating. Nine are deep pink though. Beautiful.

  3. My peonies have all succumbed to a fungus so I'm really enjoying your pictures - they are all the peonies I am getting this year! Love the picture of snowflake in the bassinette.! So glad to find you at Pink Saturday!


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