Thursday, May 9, 2013

Charleston "pinkness"

It had been a few years since I visited and Charleston is still delighting me every visit. It seemed "pinker" to me this time or perhaps I noticed the pinks more this time? Just a short trip lots of walking and lots of eating--more on that later.
Charleston is my second favorite place after Paris-- I love that the buildings are sometimes weathered and flaking and the streets are uneven and the sheer variety of home styles and gate designs is often a bit overwhelming.
 I notice new things all the time-- new to me not new to Charleston.
However, this trip I did notice some new retail shops along King Street and some yummy new restaurants. It is really a foodie destination now Just about the most perfect destination food, history, gardens, beauty, water and friendly people.  Film festival was on while we were there and prior to that Spring home and garden tours. Next comes Spoleto Festival for 17 days May 24-June 9th. And they are building new performance hall in historic district for music and ballet I think.The building will take awhile but I am sure it will be lovely.
I was missing Charleston and I hope to visit again soon.
Have a Pink day!


  1. How pretty! Your pinks are so pretty Sweetie what is your t-shirt size? Also can you email me your address want to send you something. Grace xoox

  2. Marie, you make me want to visit beautiful Charleston, maybe one day I will ;) love your pinks, I will never ever get tired of my pinks *

  3. This is so funny! About a month ago, I told my husband that we need to plan another trip to Charleston. Then, I found out that one of our blogging friends, Kadee Willow, is trying to buy a house there. Now, this!! We all need to plan a trip together. Love all of those pinks you showed. I had children with me the last time I visited there, so I did not see much of anything!! This time, maybe, I can enjoy the pinkness!!


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