Thursday, May 9, 2013

Taking tea the pink way!

It is such a thrill when I find something that is practical and pretty and pink a triple delight! I drink a lot of tea and coffee sometimes and keeping it warm is an issue when I am busy. I was in Forever 21 in Charleston the other day and found this cat cover it keeps the hot beverage hot. It is so cute and so practical. They had other ones too, I got a bow and an Eiffel Tower one but the white cat is my favorite( reminds me of my Snowflake-Marie Mouser)  and I also use the tea strainer I got at Teavana a few years ago a lot whether I am making a cup or an entire pot. It paid for itself years ago.
Part of pink living is making everything as pretty as you can !Why not drink out of a pink mug? Why not use a pink cat cover to keep it warm? Why not drink Marie Antoinette tea from a pink tin? 
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Have a Pink day!


  1. I love and enjoy tea, but never had any this cute way.

  2. I'm all about some pink and I so want to visit Charleston! I was in HH and it's only a short distance away, but my hubby was tired of driving and we didn't go. Love all your pink, always.


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