Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Learning French....

I took 6 years of French or really more like 8 in public school. I learned very little that stuck in my tete.I did learn tete. Ha My teachers were not French and I doubted one had ever been there! 
Then as an adult before my first trip to Paris I took 6 weeks of classes at Atlanta French Alliance school. It was wonderful. I was thinking more in French dreaming sometimes in French! Moi! 
Alas, I have lost a lot of that now and need to refresh enough to order food and shop( life's major essentials for me) for our upcoming trip.
Carol G at Paris Breakfasts blog (see her link on right) did a wonderful post a few days ago on Frenglish News web site--http://www.frenglishnews.com/baguette.html She has moved to France. It is a wonderful resource for anyone trying to speak some French. Plus you get news too. You can replay it. 
I will be using this a lot as I prepare for the trip. I must be able to order yummy pastries and buy presents.
Have a Pink day!

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