Thursday, April 11, 2013

French chair makeover and one happy cat

 Chair at Wisteria catalog on sale proportions were great fabric not my style
 Painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint by me used white over the wood then used her clear wax
Snowflake is under the impression that this is her chair.

French Chair Redo
I love this style of French chair! I never bought one before because they were always incorrectly proportioned. French furniture only looks good if the ratios are correct. This was in a catalog I get--Wisteria ( )
and it was on sale!  I didn't care for the fabric at all or the color of the wood. 
I bought it anyway because of the size and good bones. When it arrived (very quickly) I put it in the garage and mixed my white Annie Sloan chalk paint with a touch of water and painted the wood. It was a quick job of it just some coverage of white I did not totally cover all the frame.
Then I found this yummy pink suede fabric for it at a very good price.
And 3 weeks after dropping it off at upholstery shop... Voila! My new chair is at home in formal living room. I had some pink silk made into pillows and this pillow fits the chair perfectly.
Snowflake adores the new chair! I have yet to enjoy it myself. 
I am freshening up my formal living room with new pillows, this new chair and new draperies too.Two more chairs to redo will show those too.
Joining in on Pink Saturday
and Show and Tell Friday
Have a Pink day!


  1. Marie, I'm in love with your chair.....
    I adore the new paint job you gave her......
    And the fabric is yummilious my friend......
    Great job :) I just love how your sweet kitty has great taste and made this gorgeous new chair her kitty ;)


  2. I am in love. Happy Pink Saturday, Marie.

  3. Ooh la la!! That is one gorgeous chair. It is so beautiful that I totally would be nervous about sitting in it. You had an amazing vision and it worked!

  4. GORGEOUS! Definitely caught my eye this week...Snowflake is no dummy. Best seat in the house. She is so cute all in white. This is HER chair now!

  5. You did a super job on the chair. I really like it.

  6. WOW, not only do I love the color, but that pillow is stunning and so!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Nerina xOxO

  7. Love the chair and I love your paint finish. Sometimes it takes several steps to get just what you want!

  8. Love everything about that fabulous chair! :) Nancy

  9. oh my goodness ... I have a very similar chair and love it. I upholstered it in a gorgeous pink linen.... come by for a glass of champagne!!!Party at my place!!!
    best wishes

  10. Hi Marie..I love a girl with a vision!! Wow your transformation of this chair is the cat's meow.
    If I were snowflake I wouldn't budge from this perfect slice of pink heaven!
    Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami

  11. My first thought when I saw that chair is "I want it!" My second thought is "I want it even more!"
    Well done!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  12. SO lovely. I need a lovely chair like this! Sigh! You are quite talented and made a wonderful choice. HPS!

  13. Your chair looks fabulous! Love what you did with the wood trim!


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