Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Swan weather vane and tutorial in patina on copper

We have wanted a weather vane for awhile. I think I have wanted one since I saw Mary Poppins as a kid. I remember one on the roof of the weather telling neighbor. 
My ideal weather vane has always been a swan since I am so swan obsessed. It is hard to find a pretty one that is not too abstract or too small.  I found ours online at East Coast Weather Vanes.com. It was on sale so Pink Boy said to order it.
We decided to make it look older to make a patina on it.
Here are the steps to age copper:
We just did the swan not the brass NSEW thing.
Spray with window cleaner leave it wet
Mix distilled vinegar, ammonia and kosher salt in the quart spray bottle. Shake till blended.
Make the spray nozzle a fine mist and spray entire piece evenly. We hung it upside down between the inside of a ladder then we over entire ladder with thin plastic drop cloths sort of tented it. 
Check on it about an hour later it will be  changing some and respray any area you missed.
Wait about 8 hours and check again and install. Do no wipe it or remove any of the greenish powder. 
Have a Pink day!


  1. Love swans!!! This is a fabulous project and I appreciate your sharing the method for aging the copper. I think I could even follow your directions!!!

  2. Hi Marie, it's gorgeous, I to love swans ;)



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