Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cherry blossoms as food!

 Cherry blossom macaron trec chic!!
 Cherry blossom ice cream
 Cherry blossom painted marshmallows
 Petit Fours
 Chopstix, bien sur, what better way to eat your cherry blossom treats

Cherry Blossoms in aspic I think

Cherry Blossom Recipes and photos from Pinterest

Just a few ideas of what to do with the cherry blossoms that are so abundant right now! The Japanese have a festival around the blossoming of the cherry trees(Sakura) and have come up with some wonderful food ideas. So pretty and Pink! They also eat pickled cherry blossoms they they buy in jars and rinse and use in desserts and I gather just eat then plain.
My tree is in glorious bloom now and I want to visit Japan when they are having blooms.
I am joining in at Stone Gable for On the Menu Monday:
Have a Pink day!

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  1. Marie, I can't even imagine eating such pretty would just sit there starving just admiring them ;)



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