Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Maltese stole my heart

We have had Maltese for years and one of ours now was a breeder's dog that we adopted at age 7. She is now 15 blind and deaf but still happy and loves her treats. Maltese are not yappy dogs but they do crave attention from people. Most of my Maltese have been very people oriented and not too interested in playing with other dogs.
If you are considering adopting a dog look into Maltese. They are very loving and usually live to about 12-15 years pretty healthy breed as long as you buy from a good breeder or adopt one from a rescue organization that has checked them out and they  usually weight 5-7 lbs and do not smell doggy or shed! If you are allergic you probably will not be allergic to a Maltese( or a Yorkie or Poodle) they have hair not fur. They do need to be groomed monthly  but that is a small price to pay for such loyalty and love.
This photo from Facebook is so sweet. They add such joy to our lives and I treasure every day with my girls.
Have a Pink day!

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  1. Hi Marie, I have two sweet girl maltese and I just adore this breed ;) one I purchased from an excellent breeder and my lilttle Bella was a gift from a breeder who could not sell her, so all she needed was a loving forever home ;)



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