Sunday, June 26, 2011

My dear White Cat is gone

She was my neighbor's cat but she spent a lot of time over here in my garden and in my family room. My girls (dogs) loved her and Miss Moss my cat was willing to share her home. We were going to adopt her from the neighbors when they returned from their vacation. They were giving her up since their 1 year old child was suddenly allergic to cats.

I have not seen White Cat in over a week and they do not know where she is. This is the danger in letting a cat ,even one with front claws, roam. She could have been eaten by a coyote --we do have one in the woods behind some other houses in our development.

I have been to the shelters, put up signs, called vets and ER vets in area and no one has her.

I ve cried till my eyes are swollen and keep hoping she will turn up. She was such a loving and relaxed cat. I could cuddle her and dress her up in pretty collars and bows. I was going to get her micro chipped and keep her inside. She was going to have such a fun life with us.

I just hope someone took her in and that is OK. Please don't let your cats roam, please microchip them they are not disposable. she deserved better than this.

Have a Pink day!


  1. I am sorry your cat is missing...I know how that feels. Someone stole our 'Angel' cat about a month ago and it has broken my heart over and over. Its like kidnapping as she was my baby. Heres hoping yours comes home.

  2. Oh I am so sorry. I agree, I cringe when I see people let their cats out...guess I am a scaredy cat that they won't come back! Mine only see the outside from the window.

  3. I hope she shows up and is okay because I know you will give her a wonderful home.
    We keep ours inside too, there is just so much that can happen and outside life is so hard. We never knew how sweet cats were until we were adopted by them.

  4. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that she finds her way home, back to you!! I can't imagine the heart break you are feeling!!! xo HHL

  5. I know you are so worried...they are so precious to us, our pets. She has been lucky to have had you in her life. There is still hope she may return, and I know she will if she possibly can. I'm thinking of you!
    --Lee Ann

  6. I know how that feels. Hope she shows up and is okay because I know you will give her a wonderful home. I am sorry your cat is missing.

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  7. So very sad to hear. I really hope you find her soon, she is beautiful...sending lots of love & good wishes x

  8. That is so sad....I just posted my photos of Miss Kitty ( on my Facebook) who was missing for over two weeks from our home....she came dragging her back legs home one morning...we took her to the vet and she had displaced back hip and a broken jaw...the vet said it was a dog attack and to put her down...we couldn't bare that after all she'd been through. She had a litter of kittens after that, we wanted her to do as she wished and she tried to be such a good mother ( I did all of their cleaning !) She is miraculously recovered now, and its so unbelievable! She had to have a hair cut this summer as she can no longer groom herself due to her jaw....but her recovery is nothing but miraculous. A bit wild...she stays close to home now and its a blessing. Keep looking Marie...she may just show up one day....I'll pray that she does. xx, paulette


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