Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dream wedding in pink of course

Leaving in style

Peonies make a lush bridal bouquet

Love this pink gown--- perfect

I would do a peony themed cake and carry peonies
Pink French style invitations from Paper Nosh would be my choice

A French themed wedding would need macaron

Marie Antoinette inspired reception

I'd carry my fan and maybe have bridesmaids carry them too

Pink toasts would be mandatory

These would be perfect with the gown

Simple wedding band

Some weddings are in our future and June is sort of Bridal Month and I started dreaming about what I would do if I were getting married now-- I would chose a pink gown of course, and a Paris/Marie Antoinette theme for the reception, decorations and an elegant roster of music and food.

It would be a very pink affair The groomsmen could wear pin vest and ties. Fun to think about I love planning parties .
Have a Pink day!

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