Monday, May 2, 2011

Fancy fish- one fish two fish red fish--oops got carried away

I wish fancy goldfish came in pink like this ring I just got! Our pond home to our four fish babies
Spot is always first to eat

Ting is rather large goldfish are slow swimmers

Spot Ting and Sushi --no Ling she is hiding

Spot and Ting

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We love fancy goldfish. When we built the big money pit we call a pond we did so intending to have goldfish in it. I thought we would be able to have a lot more fish than 4 for a pond the size of ours, alas no-- only 4 fish allowed or they will become ill and die.

So we have 4 fish and I feed them every morning . Spot is always the first one to the top and I am sure she is a she- she swishes her frilly, pretty tail as she turns to go back down into the pond.

I am amazed at how soothing it is to sit and watch them and how fun to feed them their fish pellets-- Spot is the friendliest and Ting, Ling and Sushi ( Sushi is all gold one and not a fancy goldfish just a goldfish) seem to follow her. Ling hides the most inside the little black teepee at the pond's bottom. Now that they have grown so large they are much easier to see inside the black pond.

They sleep in the winter and live all year in the pond. I love their chubby tummies and fat cheeks.

We keep it covered with a black screen so birds and cats do not make a snack of my fish babies.

Fish keeping is a very "pink hobby " it is soothing, fun , connects you with nature and I really enjoy talking to them.

Have a Pink day!


  1. It's a pink hobby - no wonder I like it! We have a pond, actually it's mostly my husband's but while he's in Iraq I'm in charge, lol. Let's hope I don't kill them, that would be awful! Ours have names too but now that there's so many (or maybe it's just that I'm old!) I can't remember most of them, but my husband does. It is very relaxing, isn't it - I'm surprised how much I enjoy them. Right now I have a little problem with the water but hope to get that straightened out by the weekend.

    Just found your blog - love gardening, decor and pink!



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